Playtray for food & play

Playtray creates a safe playground, keeping your hands free
and your children’s hands busy playing.

For the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair

Playtray goes with Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, and can be used from your child is about five months approximately until three years.

Danish design & production

Playtray is designed, developed and produced in Denmark. Available in white, black, transparent and red.

100 % free of phthalates and other harmful substances

You can safely let your child eat and play with a Playtray. There are no harmful chemicals in Playtray.

Practical design

Playtray is designed with a practical brim, to prevent food and toys to fall on the floor.


Simple to assemble and clean

You can easily place Playtray on the Tripp Trapp chair’s backrest. It is easy to clean and can be rinsed under the tap.

Safe distance

Playtray creates a safe distance from hot pots, and things that can tip over while it also protects your  table.

Do you have questions?

Please find below the most frequently asked questions. We hope that you find answers to your questions.
If not please contact your local distributor.

Does Playtray contain any chemicals that could be harmfull for my child?

No, Playtray does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances.

Is Playtray safe?

Yes, Playtray is approved according to EN14988-1: 2006.

Can Playtray be used on all Tripp Trapp chairs?

Yes, Playtray can be assembled on both new and old Tripp Trapp chairs.

Is Playtray difficult to assemble on the chair?

No, Playtray is very easy to assemble on the Tripp Trapp chair, and should not be fastened in any way. See video instructions in the section ``About Playtray``.

Can the chair tilt when Playtray is assembled?

No. On the contrary. When Playtray is installed on the chair the child cannot reach the table with its feet and thereby not push and tilt backwards on the chair.

How old should the child be to sit with Playtray?

Playtray is designed to be used when the child begins to use the Tripp Trapp chair at 5-6 months of age and until 2-3 years when the child needs a safe place to sit and eat or play.

Can I use children's toys with suction cups on Playtray?

Research has indicated that some suction cups of children’s toys do contain plasticizers. These suction cups do cause irreparable damages to the Playtray. These damages are the result of the composition of the suction cups. Consequently, 4mykid does not accept any liability for damages on the Playtray caused by the use of these suction cups. We therefore advice against the use of children’s toys with suction cups when using the Playtray.

Can I use Playtray with the Tripp Trapp hanger in wood?

Yes, you can. However, since Playtray is designed for the new plastic hanger that is deeper, therefore there will be a small opening between the hanger and the tray.

Can I get Playtray in different colors?

Yes, Playtray is found in transparent, black and white plastic. Note that the white can take color from strongly coloring foods like tomato, carrot, curry etc., which can stain the white tray.

Can I use Playtray without the baby rail?

For safety reasons we recommend that Playtray is fitted with the original Tripp Trapp baby set in plastic. As the baby grows you can use the rim attached between the tray and the chair. When the child does not need support between the legs, Playtray can be used without the baby set and the rim.

Can I use Playtray with the new Stokke baby set in plastic?

Yes, Playtray fits Stokke baby set in plastic. If the baby set is from before summer 2011, there will be a gap between the bracket and tray because Stokke have made a version 2 of the hanger in 2011, we have adjusted Playtray to fit.