The idea behind Playtray

I want to give infants and toddlers free hands to experiment

When my son Tobias had to learn to eat and drink himself, we were looking for a tray that could be assembled on Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. We imagined a tray, with a rim, so food and drink would stay on the tray and not land on the floor when he was given free hands to eat. He was in fact annoyed when we sat down with a spoon and gave him food. It was just unnatural – he wanted to hold the spoon in his own hand! Since we could not find a tray for the purpose, we invented our own solution. We made a tray. It worked, but frankly it was not very good looking.

Then came our twins Tilde and Teis. And, then is was two children who wanted to hold the spoon themselves. We dreaded all the food that certainly would land on the floor. Given our homemade solution that gave Tobias free hands, and also us, by the way, we just knew that we had to invent a tray, so that the twins could learn to eat and drink themselves and play with their toys in front of them. So we went along with the designer, Carsten Buhl, who designed a tray that could meet our needs and a design that was a perfect fit for the Tripp Trapp chair.